Jesus loves you (capitalism sucks)

I am quite happy to co-exist with the Religious so long as neither of us try to push our beliefs or non-beliefs on the other. Which works quite well in the UK as we don’t have that many fundamentalists compared to, say, the US. However, unlike the US the UK is a ‘Christian Nation’ unfortunately and though the UK would seem to be a secularist country there are still remnants of a state Religion for example in school assemblies, or as my school likes to call them ‘gatherings’ (yes I know it makes us sound like witches). Every few months we have a Christian based gathering delivered by a Reverend for the local schools. This week we had the compulsory Christmas one which contains the traditional Christmas guilt trip. The intended message of the gathering was basically ‘capitalism is bad and we should think about less fortunate people at Christmas because… God’. Now I’m all for giving to charity at Christmas (if I had any money) but it didn’t seem like that was the underlying message. It was more ‘you should be thinking about Jesus and the poor unfortunate people’ and ‘God wants you to chill out’. Aside from the fact that Christmas was formed as a culmination of Religious festivals and was hijacked by Christianity to appease the Celts as it was the same time as the Winter Solstice, if ‘God’ wanted us to chill out maybe he’d solve the problems of these poor unfortunate people, or at least stop buildings falling on people’s heads. But he doesn’t, because he doesn’t exist. I was tempted to stand up and talk about Typhoon Haiyan and how if God was more concerned about capitalism being bad than thousands of people dying in the Philippines then there was something wrong with that god, but I didn’t, mainly due to the fact that I would get in trouble. It just irritates me that in this day and age children and adolescents still  get preached at in school when a lot are from different religions or have no religion at all.


4 thoughts on “Jesus loves you (capitalism sucks)

  1. I know this is a very old post, but it’s at the top of your blog, and I can’t help responding…

    If you want to both stand up to what you view as hypocritical and/or revisionist religiosity around you (and please do) in a way that would be hard to get in trouble for, you should read Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism which sounds very scary and like a hard read, but is actually very straightforward and compelling. It calls attention to the fact (in an academic and hard-to-dispute way) that capitalism – European capitalism in particular – arose directly from, well, Protestants. Calvinists in particular, but the idea is extended enough to make some big old points about why Christians need to not hate on capitalism, since the two go hand in hand.

    As an atheist, I found it super interesting and honestly, a fun read, which is weird for me to say because this is NOT my usual reading material. It doesn’t exist for the purpose of insulting either Christianity or capitalism, and in fact seems to be pretty pro-both. But the connecting the dots part of the game is really enlightening, and seems to get swept under the rug a lot.

    • Thanks! I don’t know why it has decided to stay at the top of my blog, I’ve been trying to fix that. It’s nice to get feedback as I’m always worried about insulting people when I write about atheism. The book sounds very interesting, so I’ll add it to my reading list.

      • It might be that it got marked as “sticky” somehow? If you go to Posts > All Posts and then click “quick edit” for this post, there’s a checkbox on the right (at least on mine) that says something like “make sticky,” and if you have that checked it will stay at the top. If that’s not it though, that is certainly a very strange thing to happen.

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