Pancakes are not as fun as they sound

So I had a meltdown last night which means I’m feeling rather sensitive today. I’m trying not to do anything to stress me out too much and for some reason pancakes seemed like a good idea as I’ve been craving them for weeks. I was wrong. 

I hadn’t made pancakes before so I had to look up the recipe. That went surprisingly well which in retrospect should have been a sign that something was bound to go a bit pear shaped. Then parents started trying to help. Both at the same time. My head felt like it was going to explode and I nearly started crying. But I didn’t and I did eat one pancake so… mission accomplished? Well victory was bitter sweet as I had lost my appetite by that point… Though I didn’t set fire to the kitchen so that’s a plus.


2 thoughts on “Pancakes are not as fun as they sound

  1. Sounds like you were having a really rough time. Hope you’re feeling better.

    I’m really lucky in that my parents rarely if ever go into the kitchen unless they have to, so I get to do my cooking in peace. If I’m happy to cook for everyone, they’ll leave me alone and won’t try to ‘help’.

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