I am not a hypochondriac!

On a quite regular basis I mention physical complaints to my family, this is usually followed by a chorus of ‘hypochondriac!’ However I am not a hypochondriac, I’m just bored. For some reason when I’m bored I go-a-Googling to see what could be wrong with me. This is not hypochondria because non of it worries me and I never look at anything terminal or fatal. I suppose it’s just a way of trying to understand myself and collect more knowledge. It actually makes me happy to look for what could (but probably won’t be) wrong with me, so you could say it’s a kind of obsession. I will continue to do this as it doesn’t bother my family and it makes me happy even if people think I’m a hypochondriac.


One thought on “I am not a hypochondriac!

  1. You’re actually not the first person I’ve talked to who says they like looking for what could be wrong with themselves to understand themselves and collect more knowledge. I do it fairly often with mental disorders (I went through the DSM and compared myself to the symptoms for a number of the disorders, and that’s what I like to do in my spare time). I wonder how common it is.

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