NaPoWriMo day 14

I’m sorry! I forgot and chrome is being weird today. Today’s (or Yesterday’s) prompt was to write a poem based on 20 questions, so there are 19 lines of question and 1 of non-question.

What am I doing?

Where am I going?

Why do I ache?


How am I breathing?

Should I be breathing?

Is this a mistake?


Is this all futile?

Is my will breaking?

How long can I last?


How is this possible?

Is this hill never ending?

Will there be a past?


Will the path soon be bending?

Will my legs too be bending?

Is this all I will know?


Will they be watching?

Is anyone waiting?

And what do I owe?


What am I doing?

You are but running.


I genuinely have asked myself all of the above questions (or a variation there upon) when I’ve been running and seeing as I went for my first run in about three months (I know, very lazy) I thought it appropriate.


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