NaPoWriMo day 23

Today’s prompt was to find a poem in a foreign language and rewrite it in English. For those who don’t understand my botched explanation here’s a more coherent one, I don’t know if it’s cheating or not but I used an Old English poem as it is about as comprehensible as a foreign language by this point. The Poem that I used is Cædmon’s Hymn

 Nu sculon herian     heofonrices Weard,
 Metodes mihte     and his modgeþanc,
 weorc Wuldorfæder,     swa he wundra 
 ece Dryhten,     or onstealde. 
 He ærest scop     eorþan bearnum
 heofon to hrofe     halig Scieppend.
 þa middangeard     mancynnes Weard
 ece Dryhten,     æfter teode 
 firum foldan     Frea ælmihtig.


No skull here on here for Rick’s word,

Met odds might and his much thank,

Work wonder feeder, swat he wondered guess

Echo dried, or in stealth

He arrest shop other than bears none

Heaven to her roof hauling skip end

The middle guard mankind’s word

Echo dried, after tide

Firm folding, free almighty.


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