The Body, the Brain and the Mind

I’m back! I’ve been wanting to write a new post since Wednesday but I’ve had too many ideas (for a change). I decided to write about this topic because there doesn’t seem to be much info online about it.

My body doesn’t communicate accurately with my brain and vice versa. Obviously it communicates enough to keep me alive as a (semi) functioning human being. But it seems if anything changes in my body my brain’s first reaction is to pump me full of adrenaline. For example I rarely know when I’m ill. I just get really anxious and I can’t calm down, which leads to the internal monologue of ‘Why am I panicking? Have I forgotten something bad?’, but I can’t think of a reason that I am anxious which is actually worse than having a reason in some respects. A lot of the time I don’t know that I am ill until I throw up. This causes problems as I can end up going to school (the last time this happened I ended up half collapsing in class from exhaustion, illness and a panic attack – such fun).

Another example of ineffective communication is when I am stressed. Funnily enough, most of the time that I am stressed I think I’m ill. This is due to my brain and body not telling my conscious mind that I am stressed out. So I start getting headaches, rashes and start feeling really tired. After a few days of completely different symptoms I usually work out that I am stressed, but sometimes it’s not until the second bout of the mystery ‘illness’ that I think it might be something else.

I know that physical symptoms of stress are very common, but getting anxious instead of nauseous seems a bit weird. I’ve googled it so many times and I always come up with nothing. So am I just strange or have any of you come across this before? I appreciate all your comments


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